Alphenix’ High-Definition Image Resolution Helps Clinicians See Finer Detail

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, 23 April 2020
– Since its launch in 2018, Canon Medical’s Alphenix platform has helped clinicians think beyond the traditional boundaries of interventional procedures – with its streamlined workflow, dose optimization and improved image resolution. For example, the neurointerventional team of the Radiology Department at the Akademiska University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden, has successfully been using the new Alphenix Biplane with Hi-Def Detector since September 2019. The system is equipped with the unique Hi-Def Detector technology, combining a standard 30 x 30 cm FPD with an integrated 9 x 9 cm high-resolution CMOS detector with 6.5 lp/mm. This novel technology is able to visualize minute anatomical and device details with a resolution and quality that was impossible before.

The Hi-Def Detector has helped them to facilitate the deployment of stents or flow diverters in the course of intracranial aneurysm treatment, as well as the coiling of micro-aneurysms. The team appreciates these new clinical capabilities a lot as they represent a major contribution to make procedures safer with a better outcome for their patients.

“The System has passed the first exams with the highest marks. All colleagues in the lab were impressed,“ said Dr. Ljubisa Borota, Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist at the Radiology Department of Akademiska University Hospital Uppsala . “Besides superior versatility and significantly improved post-processing – especially the aneurysm analysis and virtual stenting – Alphenix offers two new, unique functionalities. Spot ROI – a function aimed at X-ray dose reduction, as well as the Hi-Res mode. We can seamlessly switch from normal to high resolution which gives us an excellent visibility of our devices when it comes to the most critical part during a complex intervention – the deployment of tiny devices. The combination of high resolution imaging and large magnification let very tiny structures appear big and clear on the monitor which makes our life so much easier and the procedural outcome safer and more efficient at the same time.”

Canon Medical’s Hi-Def Detector, available on the Alphenix Biplane and Alphenix Core + systems, is the world’s first high-definition detector with ultra-high resolution.

“By enabling the visualization of very complex anatomy with the highest level of resolution available in the interventional imaging market, our Hi-Def Detector offers clinicians the ability to perform minimally invasive neurovascular therapy with clear images to see fine details, enabling them to prioritize clinical decisions and patient outcomes,” said René Degros, Sales Director at Canon Medical Systems Europe B. V. “The Alphenix platform is an example of Canon Medical’s commitment to providing next generation technology that our customers need to treat their patients safely, accurately and confidently.”

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Canon Medical’s unique high-definition 12” x 12” flat panel detector provides up to 2.5x greater spatial resolution than any other available system on the market. Enhanced resolution is helping Interventionalists see more detail during complex interventions.

For more information about Canon Medical’s Alphenix and Alphenix’ Hi-Def Detector technology click HERE.

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