Canon introduces INSTINX, a total workflow experience redesigned from the ground up to set new standards in efficiency and consistency. Every detail of the workflow has been thoroughly refined based on clinical testing in medical centers around the world.
Now every operation is more intuitive and can be learned faster than ever before. This ease of use contributes to work satisfaction, time savings and flexible allocation of staff.

Intuitive solutions

The INSTINX workflow has been designed to enhance every aspect of medical imaging, optimizing workflow steps through automation and ensuring consistent results for all users, while keeping in mind the ease of operation and learnability of the overall system. Drawing on the best practices of interaction design, we’ve developed intuitive features that both experienced and new operators can quickly master.

Enhanced usability

INSTINX supports ease of use across all routine diagnostic imaging procedures from quick and accurate patient positioning to trouble-free equipment maintenance. It expedites and improves the overall patient journey, leaving more time to focus on patient care.
Canon Medical sees the future of workflow as utilizing advanced technology to enable ultimate efficiency.
Our scanners leverage Canon’s technology to make the benefits of automated solutions easily accessible to everyone who uses them.