Intelligent new technology to advance productivity

Reducing scan time improves the patient experience and increases throughput. With intelligent new technology that advances our Rapid Scan technology, Vantage Orian delivers on a productivity promise that goes beyond expectations.

ForeSee View

ForeSee View is an essential new scan planning tool designed to allow you to preview your slice planning in real time. This tool is particularly useful in anatomies that can be difficult to plan such as pancreas, the heart, and certain orthopedic joints. This excellent new feature reduces the need for re-scanning and saves time on scan planning for all body regions.


UP to x8 accelerated k-t SPEEDER allows high frame rate cardiac cine and perfusion imaging with free breathing. k-t SPEEDER enables you to image a wide range of cardiac patients and while reducing stress to the patient.

“Cardiomyopathy revealed severe systolic dysfunction on K-t speeder cine images. There was full-thickness late gadolinium enhancement of the entire inferior wall, inferolateral walls of the left ventricle”
-Dr. César Nomura, Instituto do Coração, Brazil


La technologie EasyTech supprime la variabilité entre les examens et vous aide à améliorer le flux de travail grâce au positionnement automatique des coupes pour les examens cérébraux, la colonne vertébrale, le cœur et maintenant les genoux. EasyTech standardise le flux de travail grâce au positionnement automatique et reproductible des coupes.

Fast Brain Protocol

Performances exceptionnelles avec le protocole Fast Brain combiné avec l’EasyTech.

36 seconds

39 seconds

40 seconds

132 seconds

62 seconds

43 seconds


Performances exceptionnelles avec le protocole Fast Spine combiné avec l’EasyTech.