The small footprint and patented Easy Move technology of Mobirex+ affords exceptional maneuverability and conserves space for maximum flexibility. Its telescopic column improves the line of sight for safe and easy transportation of the system around your facility.

A smart card option is available for system power and login to ensure safe and secure operation by authorized personnel only.

With 317° column rotation, 122 cm arm extension and a SID range of 53–202 cm the system allows for optimal conditions in any situation.

Motion controls located on the tube handle provide fine-drive positioning including pivoting without the need to return to the main console.

Intuitive tube head controls allow you to select your imaging technique, adjust settings, as well as to preview acquired images.

The tech-friendly unit provides ample space for storing accessories, detectors and drapes in the front and rear of the system.

Accessories such as the optional wireless exposure control, wireless barcode scanner and CD/DVD burner improve the system’s usability.

Mobirex+ enables integrated charging for up to three detectors. When parked it also provides secure storage in the front of the system.

For safe operation Mobirex+ is equipped with anti-collision proximity sensors that slow down and stop the system when close to obstructions.

Mobirex+ is easy to move around and position. Capacitive touch technology on all handles allows for effortless drive and maneuverability.


All detectors work hand in hand with Canon’s software to provide optimized workflow and superior imaging capability with low patient dose. Integrated DICOM dose reporting and exam information add an additional layer of safety for you and your patients.

Canon detectors are IP57-certified waterproof, making them ideally suited also for emergency and critical care applications where contact with fluids is inevitable at times.

Canon’s ultra-lightweight, yet robust detectors are easy to carry and comfortable to hold. Integrated hand grips on all four sides make them even more handy.

The robust carbon-fibre enforced detectors are lightweight and durable.Withstanding loads of up to 310 kg, the detectors are ideal for direct weight-bearing imaging with obese patients

For optimal efficiency, Canon detectors can be shared with other X-ray equipment such as Adora, Aceso, Radrex or Canon’s unique single-shot long-length imaging device.