Canon Medical Systems introduces the Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition – A Transformation of CT imaging as you know it.

(Leipzig, May 4, 2016 ) Aquilion ONE/GENESIS Edition, the new CT scanner is a flagship model that goes beyond the evolution of Area Detector CT. Intensive clinically focused research and breakthrough technological development have culminated in a new CT system delivering superior image quality and reduced radiation dose requirements.

Building on more than 10 years of clinical experience in Area Detector Technology, GENESIS Edition transforms CT for superior and safer patient care.

GENESIS Edition offers improved X-ray detector functionality through a complete redesign of the system together with high-quality image processing and lower radiation doses than ever before ,” said Mr. Henk Zomer, General Manager of CT-BU.

GENESIS Edition is empowered by FIRST, the world’s first volumetric Model Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) that is fully integrated into scan protocols.  Able to reconstruct a volume scan in just a few minutes, FIRST can be applied in clinical workflows, transforming CT image quality with improved spatial resolution at less dose.

GENESIS Edition has been designed with a unique flared gantry, providing a wide-open space for better patient experience.  The industries only Area Detector Gantry with 30 degrees bidirectional tilt enables angled scanning to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiosensitive organs.

A world first laser collimation system provides the ease of x-ray in CT, making CT scans faster and more comfortable for the patient, without the need for a scanogram.

GENESIS Edition is smaller, lighter and requires less power than any other Area Detector CT” said Mr. Zomer. “Designed for an installation space of just 19m2, GENESIS Edition can be installed in most existing CT rooms, reducing costly renovations and transforming the workspace’ he said.

GENESIS Edition will be introduced in Europe at the DRK (Deutcher Röntgen Kongress), which will be held in Leipzig, Germany from May 4 to May 6 and will be exhibited at the Canon booth, to be found Halle 2 / Stand C26.


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