The Freedom you want, the certainty you need

In a world of growing demands and limited budgets, managing the costs of healthcare is very challenging. A Canon Managed Equipment Service (MES) partnership is a valuable option for your facility to reduce the financial and operational risks of your medical equipment planning while delivering better patient care.

Covering everything from procurement and financing to maintenance, asset management, commissioning and decommissioning of equipment, staff training and a dedicated helpdesk, a Canon MES partnership is a comprehensive solution for all your medical equipment needs. Together we will continuously strive to improve your workflows and processes so you can serve your patients better and more efficiently.

With more than ten years of experience in successfully managing MES partnerships in Europe and around the world we provide the expertise and trust you require. As a supplier with an ISO-certified quality system for MES partnerships we ensure fully transparent management and customer satisfaction.

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Bespoke solutions that meet your needs

Each Canon MES partnership is tailored to your organization’s clinical, operational and financial needs. From single modality or departmental solutions to full-service agreements covering all aspects of your medical technology requirements including equipment and asset management of new and already installed equipment, financing, maintenance, servicing, training and performance improvement – Canon provides the expertise to make optimum use of your equipment park and to streamline your processes.

A Canon MES partnership provides you with a fully projectable expenditure while giving you better access to ­innovative technology.

Equipment & Technology Management

Think services for all your medical equipment needs

Partnering with a leading healthcare provider such as Canon under the umbrella of a Managed Equipment Service partnership enables you to focus on delivering the best patient care while we manage your equipment with the highest standards of quality and efficiency at fully projectable cost. Imagine the convenience of one reliable partner covering all your medical equipment needs.

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Managing your technology

From pro-active maintenance to servicing, from procurement to decommissioning and replacement – as a full-service provider we will manage all aspects of your medical equipment under the MES agreement. A central helpdesk dedicated to your facility will provide continuous support and handle all service calls quickly and efficiently.

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Maintenance and service from a single source

Maintaining a large equipment park can be challenging. In an MES partnership we take on this responsibility. We guarantee uptime and service schedules under strict Service Level Agreements and, in accordance with our “Made for Life” promise, we make sure your equipment is replaced timely to best meet your clinical needs at all times.

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Clinical freedom of choice

A Canon MES is vendor-independent. Although we offer a wide range of premium performance imaging equipment, we provide our clients the freedom of choice to ensure you will be working with the equipment that suits your clinical needs best. In case these needs change, you can amend your equipment plan at pre-agreed service fee adjustments.

Financing & Capital Asset Management

Minimize your budgetary risks while improving your performance

A Canon MES partnership helps you to take the key risks and spikes out of your medical equipment capital spending. While we assume those risks and manage your assets, you can plan your operations with fully projectable and pre-determined monthly payments covering everything from equipment service and maintenance to new purchases and financing, as well as staff training.

Capital asset planning

Each MES starts with developing a long-term investment plan – typically 10 to 15 years – based on your operational objectives, clinical needs and medical equipment requirements. This ensures clearly defined targets and fully transparent processes from day one of our partnership. Should your requirements change over time we will jointly adapt your technology plan to meet your needs.

Fixed monthly charges

An MES partnership will convert your variable investments in capital assets and new technology into a fully projectable service charge with a pre-determined monthly fee. Under the agreement we will provide regular reports on equipment uptime, service and maintenance status and user support with clear, quantifiable scores to match or even exceed the agreed Service Level Agreements.

You remain always in control

With our cloud-based AMP2HI software you have at all times full access to all relevant information with regard to your installed equipment, service schedules as well as contractual spendings. Should your clinical need change over time, the AMP2HI software allows you to simulate the impact of changes in equipment or services on your monthly charge.

Training & Education of Your Staff

Teaching your team improves efficiency

Our world-class Training Academies located in Europe and across the globe provide offsite and onsite training for clinicians, biomedical engineers and technologists, allowing you to use your equipment to its fullest potential. Despite our guaranteed response times, we believe better trained in-house staff can be a vital part of your efficiency.

Clinical training

Making sure your systems deliver from day one is an important part of our relationship. Whether you need onsite or offsite training, we can provide options that work best for you. Experienced clinical application specialists will help you and your team to maximize the potential your diagnostic imaging equipment has to offer.

Operator-related training

Training courses with the same methodology as those our own engineers go through prepare your staff to properly use your diagnostic imaging systems. Hands-on sessions deliver up-to-date information on new techniques and best practices to your technologists.

Service and Support - Training

Process & Performance Optimization

Sharing best practice solutions means improving your business

With many years of experience in the widest variety of hospital environments our teams of clinical, technical and finance professionals provide expert advice helping you to optimize diagnostic procedures, capital asset utilization and financing strategies. Our six sigma-trained specialists can assist in optimizing hospital processes and patient pathways – all with the aim to improve efficiency while delivering best clinical services.

Operational performance enhancement

As a major supplier to the medical imaging market we provide a solid financial, clinical and technical foundation to successfully manage your equipment needs. Getting all services from one source means you can benefit from Canon’s significant procurement power and reduce the complexity of your maintenance and service needs.

Capital asset utilization

Requirements can change. Therefore, a long-term agreement needs flexibility. By regularly reviewing and adjusting the investment plan against your actual and projected needs we ensure effective utilization of assets, for instance by re-scheduling equipment moves or replacements. To bridge new installs or temporary high workloads we can provide short-term rentals and mobile solutions.

Clinical workflow optimization

Sharing best practice experience is an important part of our customer relationship. As a leading manufacturer of medical imaging equipment our clinical experts can draw on extensive know-how in the widest range of clinical specialties. We work with leading institutions around the globe on continuously improving diagnostic outcomes and advancing clinical pathways.

Where there’s electricity – we are there

With over 200,000 employees and 700 subsidiaries around the globe Canon is not only one of the world’s leading ­manufacturers of electronic devices and components, we also pride ourselves of delivering the highest quality products and customer-centric solutions.

Our global network and vast expertise in a wide range of services provide an excellent foundation for framework agreements and large-scale projects on a local, national or international level.

Service and Support - Where there's electricity - We are thereThe Tokyo Sky Tree – the world’s ­highest TV broadcasting tower – is equipped with high-speed, high-­capacity elevators from Canon.

Service and Support - Louvre at night

The Louvre in Paris, home to some of the world’s greatest pieces of art, is illuminated by LED lighting from Canon as part of a long-term partnership agreement.

Service and Support - Wind Power

As an integral part of our smart grid strategy Canon provides clean energy solutions for solar, wind and geothermal power.

Service and Support - Hologram

At Canon we are working on the smart community of the future. In over 30 large-scale projects around the world we have successfully demonstrated our know-how and expertise ranging from smart grids for using energy efficiently to water management, traffic control, healthcare, disaster prevention and security. For full information please visit