Canon introduces the PUREViSION detector for safer imaging and clearer outcomes in Computed Tomography

Breakthrough innovations in the manufacturing process of CT detectors have resulted in the PUREViSION detector, a detector with 40% more light output than other detectors redefining the standard for low dose imaging. As patient safety should not depend on the hospital size or available scanners Canon has implemented the PUREViSION detector in the complete AquilionTM series, from the Premium Tier Aquilion ONETM /ViSION Edition down to the Low Tier Aquilion /Lightning.

Each PUREViSION detector is cut with precision micro-blade technology from a solid ingot to guarantee the maximum surface area for X-ray absorption. The detector elements are separated with an accuracy of just a few microns and optically isolated by highly reflective material to ensure excellent light transmission through the scintillator. Furthermore the integrated DAS board has been optimized resulting in by up to 28% reduction in electronic noise producing a purer image. With the PUREViSION detector less radiation exposure is needed to achieve superb image quality.

In addition to the PUREViSION detector all Canon Aquilion scanners have AIDR 3D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction) integrated, which lowers exposure dose levels and improves image quality. By combining the PUREViSION detector and AIDR 3D the lowest possible radiation dose can be achieved for every patient.

Using low kVp permits a reduction in the volume of contrast medium needed to achieve images of diagnostic quality. PUREViSION enables physicians to not only lower the radiation dose but also to lower kVp and a considerable reduction in usage of contrast media. While a reduction in radiation and contrast media results in safer patient imaging, the use of less contrast media itself can contribute to a cost reduction for the hospital.

By incorporating the PUREViSION detector across the entire Aquilion CT product range, Canon confirms again that superb diagnostic performance and highest levels of patient safety always go together and should never be an option.

With the introduction of 0.5 mm detector technology in 1999 and the world’s first 16 cm wide-area 320-row detector in 2007 Canon became the leading innovator in CT. With the introduction of the PUREViSION detector Canon sets a new standard in detector efficiency and again proves its technical leadership.

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